Whether you’re playing host or visiting others this Christmas, there are many reasons why some short-term personal self-storage might be a good idea. Here are some of them…


  1. Free up a room
    Lots of us will have family and friends staying at Christmas, and probably not so many of us will have a beautifully presented spare room set up and ready to go. Getting some personal self-storage for a few weeks is a simple and affordable way to have a temporary clear out. Your guests won’t have to share a room with your old boxes or the rarely used exercise bike, and they will think you are super organised.
  1. Get rid of clutter
    Even if you don’t need the spare room, your house is likely to be busier than normal if you have visitors. Shifting a bit of inessential clutter from your main rooms can do wonders for maintaining a sense of calm.
  2. Hiding presents
    If you are wondering where to hide Christmas presents (even small gifts seem to come with massive boxes), then self-storage is an easy answer. Starting from £6 a week, it’s not as extravagant as it seems and it’s a great way to have a stress free and simple lead up to the big day.
  1. Get rid of the work stuff
    No-one needs reminding about work over the Christmas period, but now so many of us are working from home it can feel hard to escape. Whether you’ve set up a desk in your bedroom or have boxes full of important documents or products, then putting them out of sight for a few weeks can keep them safe from damage and out of your mind.
  2. Spruce up your home
    If you are really keen to impress your guests, you could take the chance to have a quick spruce up of some of your rooms. It’s much easier to repaint when the furniture isn’t in the way, so booking a storage facility for a week or two is a great choice.
  1. Make space for a dance floor
    Well it is party season after all, and if you can’t turn your kitchen into a disco at Christmas then, when can you?
  1. Storing decorations afterwards
    For most of us, Christmas means stuff, and lots of it. Boxes of decorations, the artificial tree, reindeer covered in fairy lights – that sort of thing. When your other half asks how to create extra storage for Christmas, you can win some serious Elf Points by suggesting self-storage.
  1. Storing valuables safely if you’re away
    If you’re away over the festive season, it is common to worry that your house might be vulnerable. Our storage units are staffed, alarmed and CCTV monitored so it’s a safe way to store your valuables.
  1. Work out what you really need
    As new presents come in, you could move out some of the things that you can do without. If you haven’t needed it in six months perhaps you don’t really need it at all?
  1. New Year’s resolutions
    And that leads us on to our final point. If your New Year’s resolution is to be more organised, then having less stuff in your life is a great way to start. Have a thorough clear out of your house, and store some of the things that you only use once a year.


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