Self storage can be useful in so many situations – whether you’re using it as an individual or as a business.

For those looking for extra storage space for the home, it can often be linked to major events taking place in their lives. Perhaps they’re moving home or having renovations or building work done. Perhaps they’re separating or dealing with a bereavement in the family. Maybe they’ve not enough space in the short term due to converting a garage or loft or because their family has grown.

On the other side of things, businesses don’t want to waste money on renting prime office space to store ‘stuff’. So, many use self storage to store stock, office equipment or paperwork. Particularly now lots of businesses are downsizing their office space, self storage can provide cost effective and convenient locations to keep items they may only occasionally need. It can also work as a central hub that workers can come and go from as they need to collect things.

In addition, many entrepreneurs working from home use self storage to keep stock, or for pick and pack operations. Certainly better than taking over your kitchen table or spare room!

We have self storage in Leeds, self storage in York, self storage in Huddersfield, self storage in Wakefield and self storage in Harrogate – all ready to help you out, whatever your storage requirements.

But to get the most out of your storage space, here are our top tips for self storage:

  1. Have a good clear out first – it’s pointless storing stuff you don’t really need, so have a good clear out to assess exactly how much you have.
  2. Choose your self storage provider carefully – do you feel confident in their security systems? Is there ample free parking? Do they have equipment to help you get your items to your unit? Are they friendly and helpful?
  3. Size matters – we always help customers figure out the size of storage unit they might need and our website has a handy self storage unit size estimator. The size required might also depend on how much you want to be able to access your items. Are items to be stored and never opened until they’re removed, or will you frequently be in and out to collect things – in which case, make sure there’s enough space to freely move around.
  4. Make sure you can scale up or scale down your storage unit – this is something we will happily do for customers if they find that after a little while they need a smaller or larger unit. Flexibility is what you need!
  5. Good quality boxes – don’t use cheap, poor quality boxes or you will end up regretting it. You want to look after your items, and quality boxes will also be much easier to transport. We have a box store if you need any. Pack anything fragile in bubble wrap too.
  6. Consider shelving or racking – a shelving unit might be helpful to make the most of the space.
  7. Take your own padlock/key/key code – people are often surprised by this, but genuinely, we don’t have access to your unit unless you let us in. You hold the only key. So, remember to bring a lock with you, or you can buy a padlock from our on site shops. And, of course, remember to bring the key or code with you when you return to get back in!
  8. Make sure everything is clearly labelled – you may think you’ll easily remember what is where, but a few months down the line one box looks very like another…
  9. Use dust sheets – protect your items as much as you can, as it’s bound to get dusty in there after a while. Also be careful not to put heavy items on anything soft such as mattresses or sofas, unless you want them to flatten. Ditto electrical items – be careful not to put anything too heavy on top of them.
  10. Bust out your Tetris skills – think about how you pack things up so you’re maximising space but consider what needs to go where. Put items you’ll need frequently towards the front of the unit for easy access.
  11. Be aware what can’t be stored – for safety reasons, toxic, flammable and hazardous materials are not allowed and neither are fireworks or anything explosive. No animals, nothing perishable – and obviously nothing illegal!

If we can help with your self storage needs, why not get in touch?