The size of your home doesn’t necessarily correspond to the size of your life – right? You might live in a one-bedroom apartment with no garage, but you still love camping, paddle boarding and cycling, for example. So where do you put all your stuff?

Here’s our storage advice for small apartments…

  1. Be creative

Depending on what it is that you are trying to store, a bit of creative thinking is sometimes all you need. Bike storage has become pretty trendy in recent years, and a quick Google search brings up a myriad of ways that keen cyclists can mount their bikes on hanging racks/hooks/pulley systems around their homes. Bikes are hard to disguise, but if you fully embrace the challenge they can end up looking like a fun feature, and even a piece of wall art. Paddle boards, tennis rackets and skis can work similarly well on display, even ski boots can look nice on the right shelf.

  1. Use self-storage

While that all sounds very nice, there’s no getting away from the fact that once there is more than one bike, or multiple pairs of ski boots, it all becomes too cluttered. This is when you need to start looking further afield. Local self-storage is the perfect solution for many people. We have spaces starting from as small as a locker and rooms that are the size of a single wardrobe, so whatever your requirements – we have the perfect space. Our units are monitored 24/7, and they are secure, dry and clean – probably more than could be said for many garages. They are also flexible and easily accessible, so if you fancy going camping on a whim, it’s easy enough to pop along without any notice.

The best thing about organising self-storage for sports equipment is that once you have packed it all away, there is often a little bit of space left over, giving you the opportunity to syphon off a few more things from your home. Getting rid of a few boxes of miscellaneous bits for a while can free up valuable space. The same goes for your seasonal clothing; storing bulky winter coats and boots will make your bursting-at-the-seams wardrobe feel like a much calmer place.

  1. Buy the right bed

Small apartments don’t have a lot of space for bulky furniture or storage boxes, so it’s best to keep things fairly slim line to emphasise the space that you do have. But there is still some scope to maximise the usefulness of the furniture have. Ottoman beds are brilliant for storage, and while they might not be able to conceal a bike; a two-person tent, tennis rackets or a rolled-up inflatable paddle board could probably be hidden away nicely. Do your research and check your measurements, as some have more space available than others. You can also buy beds with storage in the headboard too. It’s all about clever research and planning.

We hope you have found these storage tips useful. For more storage advice, or to get a quote for renting one of our local self-storage units in Leeds, check out our website.