For many of us, our garage is a valuable place when it comes to storage. Once a cool, dry home for our cars, the old faithful garage space has since evolved into an ideal space for a home gym, a home office, a workshop and a dumping ground for unused toys, sports equipment and garden furniture!

If your garage has become a little overcrowded and cluttered in recent months, then perhaps it’s time to smarten things up in time for the summer months? With just a little organisation and some DIY, your garage could benefit from a complete upgrade in terms of space and appearance. Here are some garage storage solutions to get you started this spring:

Be ruthless with the clutter

Now you have made the decision to tidy up your garage, it’s time to decide on what you need and what you don’t.

There are many ways to re-home items you no longer need – with the likes of Facebook Market Place, eBay and Shpock. Selling unused items will help to rid your garage of a bulk of items that have been adding to the clutter, as well as making you a bit of extra pocket money on the side. Alternatively, you could take a trip down to your local charity shop with old toys, games and tools if they are still in a sell-able condition.

A good rule to follow is that if you haven’t used an item in the past six months, then chances are you won’t use it in the next six months either!

Divide the space into zones

Once you have removed a large chunk of clutter, it’s time to break down the items you do have into manageable zones.

The zones should be ordered according to purpose, size and how often you might need things. For example, there could be a basics zone – where you store household items such as loo rolls, paper towels and washing detergent. Then there could be a transition zone of items like wellies, scooters and rucksacks – things you generally use on a weekly basis. All of these things should be housed on a low level and with easy to access at all times.

Then, there could be a zone for things like tools, garden equipment and paint – which you still need, but not that frequently. These could be further away from the main door and slightly higher up.

Finally, things like Christmas decorations, camping gear and sledges could be stored in a zone that is even higher up and towards the back of your garage as these are rarely used, or only brought out once a year.

Use the ceiling and wall space wisely

If your car takes up the majority of your garage space, then perhaps you could look to install a ceiling storage unit to house all those things that you don’t have space for in your house?

Options include overhead storage racks for boxes, hoists for bikes and scooters and hooks for ladders or other long items. You can install many of these options by yourself or get help from a DIY professional.

Alternatively, if you have wall space available and enough width, you could opt for wall storage units instead. When browsing for storage units, you should consider the actual items you will be putting into them to ensure they are not too heavy or bulky. Heavy loads, such as cans of paint and heavy tools will require heavy duty shelving with high weight limits, therefore you may need to consider free-standing units as opposed to wall fixed systems.

Find another home for the large items

Once your garage organisation is complete, chances are there will be items that you neither want to part with, nor have space to accommodate in your newly designed space. Items such as fake Christmas trees, decorations, tents, wigwams and specialist sports equipment may be needed only once or twice a year, therefore, it seems pointless using up precious home storage space. That’s where local self-storage comes in handy.

If you are wondering how to find cheap storage space in the Yorkshire area, then check out our website for the nearest McCarthy’s Storage World near you. You can get a storage quote quickly and easily to find the perfect unit for your excess belongings. Units come in all shapes and sizes and there is something for every budget, whether you need temporary storage or something longer term.