Over the summer we read an article which shocked us to our core. No longer did we need to be worried about shortages of toilet roll (or turkeys as it now seems to be) – now we need to worry about a lack of sheds!

A general shortage of timber, a lack of HGV drivers and the fact that many people have decided to do up their homes and gardens over the last 20 months have created the perfect storm when it comes to getting hold of our much-loved garden sheds.

In fact, sales of timber and joinery products were almost 80 per cent higher at the beginning of 2021 compared with 2020. People have reported waiting up to six months for ordered sheds to arrive.

There’s no denying us Brits love our sheds. We even have an annual competition dedicated to finding the ‘Shed of the Year’. For many of us, for many years, the shed was nothing more than a dumping ground – somewhere to store things outside of the house. But with most of us spending significantly more time in our home and garden during the pandemic, using a shed as a storage unit now seems like a wasted opportunity. After all – you can get a self storage unit in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate, Huddersfield or York from us, and put your shed to much better use!

Our storage centres allow you to come and go as you please, all have ample free parking and state-of-the-art security. Everything you need to safely store your belongings for as short or as long as you need, with different sized units available to suit your requirements.

Which leaves you free to jazz up your shed into something more exciting. And here are our top eight ideas for how to use your newly reclaimed space!


  1. A home office – only five per cent of the workforce worked at home before the pandemic, but now the vast majority of office workers are spending at least some time working remotely. Free up your kitchen table and create a dedicated workspace in your garden – which also has the added benefit that you can close the door at the end of the day and properly switch off.
  2. Your very own bar – when the orders came to ‘stay at home’ and pubs closed their doors for many months, people got creative with ways to get a ‘going out’ experience at home. Once socialising was allowed outside, those with an outdoor bar area were streets ahead of the rest of us. Three of the Shed of the Year’s 2020 winners created bar areas – one called Pallet Hollywood, with a hot tub and plenty of 80s vinyl, one a rum bar, while another recreated a traditional Irish pub.
  3. A space for hobbies – whether you’re a keen seamstress, artist, musician, gardener or like fiddling with electronics, a shed can provide a useful space toundertake hobbies.
  4. An outdoor dining area – dining outdoors is something many of us enjoy – but the British weather doesn’t always help us out. A cleverly designed outdoor room can provide a great space for eating or entertaining, whatever the weather.
  5. Somewhere to relax – imagine putting your feet up on a comfy sofa, wrapped in a fluffy blanket if it’s a bit cooler, watching the plants gently blowing in the breeze, the wildlife going about its business, the ever-changing sky… Sounds like a much more positive space than somewhere to store old paint cans and plant pots.
  6. A reading room – many of us are guilty of doom scrolling on our devices – and never getting round to that pile of books gathering dust on our bedside table. Create your very own library space, away from distractions, to finally catch up on those best sellers you’ve been meaning to read.
  7. A workshop – sheds were always traditionally somewhere to catch up on DIY or gardening – and they still can be. Or if you’re creative, maybe you fancy having a try at some furniture making or you’re having a go at rebuilding an engine. Whatever takes your fancy, make your shed a more positive place to spend time and you might just find you’re a bit more eager to get stuck in.
  8. An entertainment room – fancy your own little cinema or music room? Create a perfect space to relax and unwind with the latest blockbuster or a spot of music. Just be mindful of your neighbours!

If we can help with self storage in Leeds – or in one of our alternative Yorkshire locations – why not get in touch?