We might work in self storage day in and day out but we appreciate to the storage newbie, there can be lots of questions around how it all works.

So here is a list of some of the most common questions we get asked.

How will I know what size storage unit I need?

We have many years of storage experience, so we will be able to guide you regarding what size unit we think you might need. Whether you’re after the equivalent of a garage worth of storage, an under stairs cupboard, or you’re storing the contents of an entire house – don’t worry, we’ll have a storage unit to suit you. Alternatively you can take at our online booking system, which also gives some idea of the space you might need. Looking for storage, Leeds?

Is there a minimum or maximum time I can have my storage unit for?

Put simply, no, but we do require two weeks’ notice if you wish to vacate your unit. Have a chat with one of our friendly team at our storage near Leeds and we’ll be able to work with you to sort out a plan that best suits your needs.

What happens if I realise I need a bigger or smaller unit a few weeks in?

That’s absolutely fine! We are happy to be flexible wherever possible, so if you realise your unit no longer suits your needs, just have a chat to us and we’ll try and find another which suits you better. We often find with small businesses that they may have peaks and troughs in terms of storage requirements, and we’re happy to work with any customer to ensure they have what they need.

How will I get my items to my storage unit, or retrieve them?

Our self storage, Leeds, has ample free parking, so you can drive your vehicle into our car park. From there we have trolleys and other equipment to help you transfer your belongings if needed – and lifts to the various floors.

Is my storage unit secure? Can anyone else access it?

We take great pride in making sure your belongings are kept safe and secure 24 hours a day. We have state of the art security and CCTV monitoring the site, and it is individual pin code access to the building. You provide the lock for your unit, so only you have the key or code. Don’t worry – you can grab a lock from us in our handy on-site shop, if you forget to bring one!

What is container storage?

Container, or crate storage, is something you would use when you don’t need to access your belongings while they are stored. People often use it when moving house, or if travelling overseas for a while, and they need to empty their property. Self storage enables you to get to your items whenever needed, but with crate storage, they will be delivered back to you as one when needed. Looking for container storage Leeds?

Can I get storage for my business?

We work with many businesses as well as individuals who need storage. It makes sense for businesses with large volumes of stock, or requirements which vary, to have flexible storage solutions at hand. Some businesses, often professional services, may use us to store documents and archives which aren’t regularly needed but can’t be disposed of. We also work with a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t want to be storing items at home, with some even using our facilities as a ‘pick and pack’ location or workshop.

As a student can I use your storage centre?

We welcome students looking for storage. Often it makes more sense to store items whilst travelling or during the long summer holiday, rather than taking them home. Especially for overseas students. Students can also club together and share a unit to save costs – although our weekly costs are lower than you might think. Looking for student storage, Leeds?

Are there things I can’t keep in a storage unit?

We do have a list of things you can’t store – which includes anything living or perishable or which is flammable/explosive. For everyone’s safety! We will share this with you when you sign up for your storage unit.

Have further questions? Why not get in touch – we’re always happy to help.