You’ve found the house of your dreams, your house is sold, and all is looking good. Until it isn’t.

According to some sources, around one in four house sales fall through – which is a staggeringly high figure. From problems securing a mortgage or issues thrown up by a survey to gazumping or broken chains, there are many reasons things don’t always go to plan.

But sometimes a problem with one sale doesn’t have to mean the whole chain falls apart. For many people, even if the house they’re buying is no longer an option, they’d prefer to keep their sale in place. Not only does this protect the chain below, but it means they don’t have to worry about securing another buyer and can have the advantage of being able to move quickly when they do eventually find a new house to buy.

Or sometimes the chain remains intact – but timings just can’t tie up. Perhaps the issue is you’re buying a new build and it’s not ready yet. However, the chain below is eager and pushing to get completion done asap and you don’t want to risk losing your buyer.

These are situations we often come across, and one where we can offer a solution. Our storage centres can be just what is needed. You can pack up your home and let McCarthy’s handle your home removal needs – but instead of taking everything to a new property, it gets put in storage until you’re ready to access it. Everything stays in sealed containers, safe and sound at one of our Yorkshire storage centres, and then delivered back to you at the location and date of your choosing.

Alternatively, you might prefer to use self storage. You can rent one of our storage units and transport items to it over whatever time period you need. By doing so you can reduce the amount of stuff you have on moving day and if, for example, you’re moving into a short term let, just take what you really need. The rest of your belongings stay safely and conveniently in your storage unit – and if you realise you accidentally packed something away which you need, you can gain access whenever you want.

All of our self storage in Leeds, York, Huddersfield, Harrogate and Wakefield have ample free parking and are conveniently situated for easy access. Entry to the storage centres is by unique pin code and then only you hold the key or code to your individual unit. Unit sizes vary from a telephone box size to those the size of a tennis court (perhaps you’re moving out of a 15-bedroom mansion?!). You can use our handy storage space calculator to figure out what size storage unit you may need.

We also have a box store to help with all your box and packing material requirements – these can be purchased at each of the storage centres or online.

So, if your move isn’t quite lining up the way you envisaged and you might need some storage space, don’t worry. Get in touch to find out how we may be able to help.