The Christmas decorations are up, the shopping is well under way and Santa seems to be hiding a fair amount of his workshop underneath your bed. Is it any wonder that this time of year can make our houses feel much too small for our needs?

That’s why self storage can be particularly useful around the festive season – even Father Christmas needs a little bit of extra space as 25th December approaches!

One of the number one problems this time of year for parents can be where to hide the presents ahead of the big day – especially if a bike topped the wish list! Things like gaming chairs can also be tricky to hide in a wardrobe! Other people may be after somewhere quiet to catch up on wrapping, somewhere to store Christmas decorations once the big day is done or they may be feeling the walls are closing in as more and more new items enter the house. Maybe you need to clear out the spare room ready for visitors. Self storage can be an ideal place to store things whilst you have a clear out. Maybe you’re planning a New Year move and you need to declutter…well we have the solution.

Whatever the reason behind your need for extra space, we can help. We have storage in Leeds, storage in York, storage in Harrogate, storage in Huddersfield and not forgetting our storage units in Wakefield.

All of them are conveniently located, with plenty of free parking. We can help you choose the size of storage unit you need, and there’s no minimum or maximum contract period, so there’s no pressure on you from a time perspective. You’ll pay only for the time you need the storage unit for.

All of our storage centres have lifts and equipment to help you get your items safely to your unit. We also have McCarthy’s boxes you can buy to help store your items in – as well as all the bubble wrap, tape and packing materials you might need!

Our units all have WiFi and lighting and we can sort power for you if needed. In fact, many small businesses use our premises for ‘pick and pack’ operations or to help with stock at busy times of year. If you have a business selling seasonal goods, which means you have a lot of stock descending all at once, our storage centres can really help.

We can also help with student storage in York or Leeds, ideal for safely storing belongings over the festive holiday, so you don’t have to transport them all home for a few short weeks.

Only you hold the key to your storage unit, and the building is pincode entry only. The site is guarded by CCTV and state of the art security. You are free to come and go to your storage unit as you need – so if you need to retrieve something last minute, it’s not an issue.