Storage is there to make our lives easier, but there are a few rules that you need to follow to ensure it all goes smoothly. Here are five of the big ones that you should bear in mind.

  1. Choose the right supplier

Not all storage facilities are created equal, and if you’re planning on keeping anything of value in your container then you should spend some time researching and reading reviews.

The main things to consider are whether the storage centre is clean, dry, safe and secure.

All our facilities are monitored 24/7 by state-of-the-art CCTV security cameras, they are regularly cleaned, and we keep our removal vans pristine. And don’t just take our word for it – here’s our Feefo review so you can be sure.

  1. Pack carefully

There’s an art to packing boxes and it generally involves a lot of bubble wrap and care. If you’re packing breakable items then it’s a good idea to pad the bottom of the box, either with packing paper, bubble wrap or a blanket, as well as wrapping each individual item.

Find out from your chosen storage company which are the best quality home storage boxes

to make sure that they are robust enough for the move, strong enough for secure stacking and continued use. The boxes available from our Box Shop are all double walled meaning they are extra strong. They are the same boxes as used by our removals team, so you can rest assured they are fit for the job. Just make sure that you don’t overfill them, making them impossible to lift.

  1. Protect your furniture

Preparing furniture for storage is important to prevent against damage. On moving day blankets can be used to cover your bulky items as they are moved out of your home and on and off the van, and when it comes to storing your sofa or mattresses long term, then special covers, designed to fit, will help to keep them clean and dry. Bubble wrap is also essential for wrapping delicate items such as mirrors, clocks and paintings before you place them into storage boxes.

We sell our own range of high quality protectors, and can offer you 25% when you buy three or more from our cover range. Our best furniture storage advice though, is to give all your furniture items a good clean first. There’s nothing worse than finding strange things growing beneath your sofa cushions because you never got around to hoovering out those crumbs before you packed it away.

  1. Label your boxes


Always write down what’s in the box, even if they feel like unimportant items, you will thank yourself for it later. Don’t be tempted to use shorthand or code, however bored or busy you feel, force yourself to use clear, readable words listed on the side of each box.

To make things a little easier for you, all of our storage boxes come with a handy labelling system already on the box, as you can see below.

  1. Keep the essential accessible

The chances are that you will need to retrieve some of your items from storage, and we offer flexible, accessible storage units so you can do exactly that. Some things you absolutely can’t plan for (like that out-of-the-blue fancy dress day or having to suddenly find your snow boots) but some things you can. Think ahead, just in case things you need your storage for longer than you expect, and make sure the things that you might need are at the front and on top.

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