Apartment living definitely has its benefits. If you are a fan of the city, then residing in an apartment offers increased security and a more cost-effective way to live.

Living with less clutter can feel exhilarating and cleansing. However, depending on the size of your apartment, and how many of you there are living in it, you may find you need to be creative when it comes to storing your belongings.

Here we have suggested some storage ideas if space is proving tricky in your apartment or flat…

Open shelving

Small apartments often mean small kitchens. Therefore, a lack of cupboard space could be a result of this.

Using wall space for items such as mugs, cups, plates, jugs and glass storage containers is an option you could consider, especially if you want to reserve your cupboard space for food and drink items.

Wall-shelving not only looks great but is also a creative way to use space that would otherwise be empty. You can jazz up the shelves with pop plants, candles and photos too for that extra cosy feel.

Hidden storage

Storing items on shelves and rails can look cute, however, not all items are pretty enough to be stored this way. Therefore, hidden storage is the best idea for items that are best out of sight i.e. towels, bed sheets, paperwork and sports equipment.

Due to a demand for people wanting more storage in small spaces, many large pieces of furniture come with the option of hidden storage. You can find beds with plenty of storage space underneath the mattress, sofas with pull-out drawers under the seats and coffee tables with a hollow base for extra storage space.

Be sure to research what storage options are available when you are shopping for furniture – after all, every little bit helps.

Behind the doors

You might not have thought about it, but the back of a door is actually a great surface for storage!

The back of your bathroom door offers precious square feet for hanging towel hooks, a bath mat rail and any toiletries you need to store. While the back of your bedroom door could host a long storage rack, secured by a hook fastener over the door. This rack could be used to store shoes, books, accessories or anything else you need close to hand.

Similarly, the inside of cupboard doors could be fitted with additional hooks and knobs to hang tea towels or cooking utensils if drawer space is minimal in your kitchen.

Local self-storage options

If all your storage options are optimised, but you still have too many items in your apartment, it might be time to look for some local self-storage.

Here at McCarthy’s we offer short and long term storage solutions in Leeds, York, Harrogate, Wakefield and Huddersfield. We have secure storage rooms ranging from the size of phone box up to the size of a tennis court, so there is something for everyone – whether you need to store your bike and sports equipment, or all your family members’ out-of-season clothing.

Plus, self-storage isn’t as expensive as you think. We have a range of offers across our sites, so get an online quote today and see how we could help to make your life a little less cluttered.