With storage units in Leeds, York, Huddersfield, Wakefield and Harrogate, we’ve over XXX sq footage of self storage under our belts. And we can confidently tell you – there is definitely a good way and a bad way of packing up your storage unit!

Of course, people use self storage for all manner of reasons. Many use it to facilitate their small business, perhaps running a pick and pack operation, and need to access items frequently. Others use it to store items on a long term or short term basis, which they rarely need to return to – perhaps whilst a renovation takes place or linked to a house move or life event.

But there’s definitely some skill involved in making the most of the space in your storage unit. Lucky for you, we’re here to share our expertise with some handy top tips!

  • Boxes matter. Don’t be tempted by cheap boxes – they won’t like being stacked and will crumple and potentially damage whatever is within. It’s worth investing in good quality boxes. Similarly choose good quality packing tape to secure the boxes and bubble wrap to protect anything fragile. Don’t be tempted to use old food boxes or anything which could be contaminated – you don’t want to risk mould or insects!
  • Uniformity helps. If you have boxes which are roughly the same shape and size it will help for stacking purposes, maximising the space within your unit. If that’s not possible, obviously larger boxes will have to be placed at the bottom, so consider which items you are most likely to need to access and put them in the smaller ones which will be nearer the top.
  • Fill boxes to the top. Again, you want to avoid boxes crumpling under the weight above, so try to fill boxes. Where that’s not possible, due to heavy items such as books meaning you’d be unable to lift a full box, fill the extra space with soft furnishings like towels, old bedding, blankets or packing paper/bubble wrap. Seal boxes – don’t leave them open. If it’s something you’ll need regular access to, consider a plastic box with an easily removable lid.
  • Use dust sheets. It’s a good idea to use a dust sheet on the floor if you can – and potentially over the top of items too.
  • Take care of your furniture. Make sure it’s wrapped well and stick it to the back of your unit, as you’re less likely to need to access it in a rush. Dismantling furniture can be good if it’s not too difficult, to help you make the most of the space and for ease of transportation. Store sofas, bed frames and mattresses on their end to maximise space. Be careful what you stack on soft furniture such as sofa cushions or mattresses, as you may permanently damage them.
  • Consider shelving or racking. Dependent on the type of things you’re storing, it may be that some shelving or racks would help you organise your space and make the most of the full height of the unit.
  • Be clear what you can and can’t store. We have a list we can share with you, but food items, anything living and anything flammable are obvious nos. Be careful with any liquids which could spill and cause damage.
  • Make a list. Ensure you know exactly what is going into your storage unit and if you can, create a little map showing roughly where you’ve put it. You may think you definitely won’t need to access it – but what if you do? You don’t want to be searching through every box to find those Christmas decorations.
  • Label everything. Label boxes on the side and top (as you may not be able to see it depending on how items are stacked) so it’s clear what is in each box.
  • Make the most of empty spaces. You may be storing cupboards or a wardrobe – consider what you can store inside them to make the most of the space. Ditto with suitcases.
  • Create a pathway. Make sure you can get around your storage unit – whilst you want to make the most of the space, don’t pack it so tightly that you have to remove everything from the front to get to anything stored behind.
  • Keep items you’ll need to access regularly close at hand. It’s definitely worth considering what you’re most likely to need and keeping that in a convenient location.

Our friendly teams can help you find exactly the right storage unit for your needs. But if you find you need a bigger or smaller unit after a while, that’s no problem – we’ll be happy to try and sort that for you. Our storage space estimator can help you consider what you might need in the first instance.

So, if you’re looking for storage in Leeds, storage in Huddersfield, storage in Harrogate, storage in Wakefield or storage in York, why not come have a chat and a look around?