Paperwork seems to be a fact of life, no matter how much of a digital a world we live in. From legal documents and business papers to boxes of old family stuff, it builds up and takes up valuable space in your home or office.

Digital copies

From a safety perspective it is a sensible step to scan important documents, so you will always have a digital copy. There are companies that you can pay to do this for you, but there are also plenty of free apps if you have the time and energy to do it yourself. Of course, you are likely to still have to keep the originals though, which are often left to collect dust in the attic.

Clever Storage

Simple, clear plastic stacking boxes can be helpful and make good use of space, and if colour coding and meticulous ordering is your thing, then there is a lot of fun to be had with that. We have also been enjoying the retro metal filing cabinets that are all over Pinterest at the moment, and they can lend a sophisticated touch to many a room.

But, let’s face it, that all takes up precious space, and we believe firmly in the mantra that an uncluttered home leads to an uncluttered mind. Our archive storage in Leeds is a great way to safely store paperwork and put your boxes of documents out of sight (and out of your mind).


The very fact that people hold onto paperwork means that it is valuable, and that ranges from personal documents like wills and property deeds, to sensitive commercial papers and financial records, to your children’s precious artworks and old family photos.

Our staff are all thoroughly vetted and have unique security passwords. Access to our facilities is restricted and our systems are backed up daily (and the backups stored off site). Only authorised client staff members are allowed access to order and retrieve files from the archives and these requests are all recorded so you have a record of everyone who has access to your paperwork.


On top of all of that, our facilities are dry, clean and protected by our sophisticated safety systems against fire and water damage, which is often more than can be said about garages and dusty loft spaces.


If you make the decision to go for document storage, there are a few things you can do to prepare. It is always good to make sure your paperwork is in some sort of order, and that you have a simple catalogue of what’s in there and where. If you store your documents with us, you can access them whenever you need, so a bit of early organisation means this is completely hassle-free and you know exactly what is in which box on which shelf.

We have large archive facilities for multiple boxes, as well as small locker storage if you just need to put away a few precious items. This is accessed by a pin code, so you can have confidence that your belongings are safely stored and available when you need them.


And if, during this preparation time, you find that actually you can get rid of some of the paperwork that you have been holding onto, then we also have a confidential document shredding service available.

For a no obligation quote on storing your paperwork, visit our website or call us on 0800 612 6440.