For many, the handy home office has now changed from being a nice-to-have to a must-have. With more and more people working from home and enjoying flexible working routines, the need for a productive work space in the house has never been more in demand.

Whether you are lucky enough to have lots of space in your home for a dedicated office room or are tight on space to find a place to put a desk, here we have plenty of home office ideas to help you set up an office at home.

Location, location, location

When you are deciding on the best place to work from in your home, it’s best to consider a quiet area with minimal distractions. Working from a bedroom is not ideal. After all, your bedroom should be a space reserved for relaxation and sleep, and it’s best to separate your work from this area if you can.

Similarly, if you are too near to your kitchen, then you might be tempted by the constant draw of the snack cupboard calling you. Or, if you are situated close to your utility room, then you may be distracted by the sounds of the washing machine humming or the tumble dryer rattling.

If you don’t have a designated room available to use an office, then a corner of your living room or an attic space could work well to base yourself for a while.

Choose good office furniture

If you are likely to be working from home for the foreseeable future, then it’s a wise idea to think about investing in high quality furniture to make your working days more comfortable.

Ergonomic office chairs are an essential must-have for your spinal health and posture– after all, a standard kitchen chair isn’t going to be suitable if you are spending long hours in one place at your computer screen. An ergonomic chair adapts to your position throughout the day and provides support for your spine in exactly all the right places.

A specialist computer desk will also be beneficial as it offers a place to rest your laptop and monitor, plenty of drawer space for equipment, and a comfy place to place your legs as you sit.

Assess your business storage options

A well-organised workspace is a productive one and adhering to a clean desk policy with minimum clutter will help to keep you more focussed and less distracted.

Investing in suitable storage space will help to accommodate your work items and accessories when you are not using them. And, depending on the amount of space you have at home, you might discover that you need further storage space that is outside of your home.

Local business storage is an ideal option for growing businesses or self-employed workers who struggle for space at home for excess stock, accessories or kit that they need regular access to. Flexible and cost-effective, you can store all your items in one secure unit for peace of mind, with access whenever you need it.

Get the lighting right

Home office lighting is also really important. You want to make your work space bright enough so that you are not straining to see your screen, but also not too bright so that you suffer from glare.

Natural light is the first choice of lighting option as it will also help to boost your energy levels and mood as you work. Therefore, consider placing your desk as close to a window as you can or below a skylight if you have one in the room.

If natural light is minimal in your office, or during gloomy days, artificial lighting will be key to maximise your productivity and motivation. Desk lamps are great accessories to offer additional lighting directed to a specific space as you work.

Add a little nature to your space

There have been many studies recently looking into the benefits of houseplants to support human health and wellbeing. Indoor plants have been proven to reduce stress levels, extend attention span and improve overall mood. Not to mention, increasing oxygen production and airflow in the room.

Therefore, when it comes to your home office, it’s a great idea to bring in some houseplants to benefit from these positive effects. Take a visit to your local garden centre and ask for some advice on choosing some low-maintenance plants suitable for a home office environment.

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