Get extra peace of mind when you insure your goods.

At McCarthy’s we take pride in the fact that we treat your goods as if they were our own. Our clients trust us to keep their possessions safe during moving and in storage and we take this responsibility very seriously.

That’s why all our storage sites are monitored by state-of-the-art security systems. Our units are individually secured and fully alarmed. And our sites are kept clean and pest-free. BUT unforeseen events do happen, which is why we recommend that you get the right cover for your goods during moving and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t insurance included in my monthly fee?2020-08-24T11:05:01+01:00

We don’t include insurance in our monthly fees as it will depend on the value of the goods you are storing. The rental on a unit is the same whether it contains second hand clothing or rare books, but the insurance costs will be different. In order to tailor these costs specifically for each customer, we have separated the bills.

How much does insurance cost?2020-08-24T11:05:54+01:00

The cost of insurance varies greatly depending on the value of the insured items. We ask all our clients to provide an inventory of their stored goods so we have offer the correct insurance premiums. If you are unsure of anything please ask one of our team members.

Why do I need insurance?2020-08-24T14:01:47+01:00

Absolutely! Despite our best efforts to handle your belongings with care, and keep them secure with all the latest systems, unforeseen events can happen and it’s best to be properly covered to avoid any losses. Insurance is compulsory when you store with McCarthy’s Storage World.

Can I cancel my insurance?2020-08-24T14:01:24+01:00

Yes, you may cancel your insurance at any time should you wish to change to a different insurer. However, you will need to have some form of insurance for the duration of your storage period.

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