The days are getting shorter, you might have had a blackberry crumble or two and even had the heating on during the last week or so. And along with bringing the thicker duvet back out and looking up your favourite soup recipes, it’s time to start preparing your house for autumn.

Here we look at home hacks, must-do jobs and home storage ideas to help get your house ready for the change in season.

Store away your seasonal items

Sun loungers, the barbecue and all those summer clothes — sadly, you won’t have much use for them this season. Rather than letting them take up valuable wardrobe or garage space at home, why not look into leasing a self-storage unit to safely put them away until you need them again next year?

It’s a surprisingly affordable option that frees up space in your home, and makes it look less cluttered. Perfect as we’ll be spending a lot more time indoors this season.

Another idea if you’re looking for extra home storage and space is at a premium, is to invest in some vacuum bags. Simply pack your summer clothes in, vacuum the air out of the bag and you can easily store it under a bed, leaving you with more room in your wardrobe for those cosy winter jumpers.

Wash your bedding

Before you put those big duvets back on the bed, it’s a good opportunity to wash them. Check your duvets’ care labels to see whether they’re machine washable, or you need to take them to the dry cleaners.

If your washing machine isn’t big enough or you don’t have a tumble dryer, take them to your local laundrette. Make sure to thoroughly tumble dry your duvet to prevent excess moisture causing mould.

Don’t forget your pillows too. Duvets and pillows harbour sweat, dead skin cells, dust mites and their faeces, so should be washed at least twice a year!

Book a boiler check-up

The last mild days of the year are your final call for checking your boiler and central heating system are in good working order. After all, a breakdown in the depths of winter is the last thing you want.

If you have boiler cover, make sure to schedule your annual service.

If you don’t have cover, then a one-off service will cost you around £80. When calling engineers, check that they are Gas Safe registered.

Alternatively, you could look into taking out boiler cover – most plans include an annual service. Shop around to see which companies offer what.

Do an autumn clean

As the colder weather and darker days keep us cooped up in our houses for longer, it makes sense that we’ll want to keep them as homely as possible.

Autumn is when spiders venture out of their hiding places to find mates, so you’ll probably find more cobwebs to clean up. You can’t beat a cheap, extendable feather duster for this.

The late autumn sun can show up marks on the windows, so get them sparkling with a half-and-half vinegar/water solution. Wet, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth or kitchen roll. Mould can form on frames when colder mornings create condensation, so use a mould remover spray to take care of it.

Carpets can take a hammering in the summer, thanks to people traipsing in and out of the garden. An easy way to freshen them up is to sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over them, leave for an hour or two, and then vacuum up.

If you’re looking for extra home storage, our easy-access self-storage units could free up space, allowing you to enjoy a clutter-free home. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you this autumn season.