We are taught that businesses need to expand to be successful, but sometimes downsizing can be the savviest move. If you are one of the 5.5 million small business owners in the UK, you’ll know that being agile and able to react quickly to events, is all important. That’s why our serviced offices and flexible business storage is so popular.


According to a survey, 37 per cent of UK business leaders were planning to relocate to a smaller commercial space during the past year. Lower rent can mean more competitive pricing for your clients, or more profit for you. It can mean there’s a bit more of a buffer when times are lean, and it can give you chance to divert your rent money into something more strategic. And if Covid taught us anything, it’s that we don’t necessarily need those big fancy offices to get the work done.


There are other advantages to downsizing too. If your business involves holding or storing products, then you are likely to see fluctuations and seasonal changes. Having the flexibility to change your scale to suit can help to keep things organised, and most importantly, moving. That’s where self-storage can come in handy – it’s a cheaper alternative to commercial leases and infinitely more flexible.

Our McCarthy’s staff can give you business storage advice to suit your needs and we offer complete fluidity with space. You can book larger storage for the busy times or downsize when things are quieter, all we need is seven days’ notice. Whether you need business storage in Leeds or business storage in Harrogate, we have plenty of room in our safe and secure facilities.

New ways of working

But business isn’t just about products and things, there’s the people too. Downsizing can feel scary, but it doesn’t have to limit your progression. The serviced offices in our McCarthy’s business centre are simple and quick to sign up to and you aren’t tied into a long contract. This means that if and when you take on more staff you can move to the next size up without hassle.

We have meeting rooms and a café where you can meet clients or work with your team, and there’s a shared kitchen, so all the water cooler networking that you could need. There is also a hot desking facility, so if you have a busy few weeks coming up, or you need extra staff in on particular days, then you can book a space as and when you need.

Our mailbox facility and virtual receptionist also help to make your business slick and professional, so even if it’s just you, your phone lines are always covered, and your clients will feel confident in their choice.

This style of ultra-flexible working makes sense for many businesses, because why would you tie yourself down and spend more than you need when you could be investing your hard-earned money into much more exciting things.