Now we’re well into Spring, I’m sure everyone reading has already completed a thorough Spring Cleaning of their home…

According to Wikipedia, the origins of the traditional Spring Clean go way back – some think it is linked to the Persian New Year, where ‘shaking the house’ meant everything was cleaned from top to bottom. Others think it comes from the ancient Jewish practice of thoroughly cleaning the home ahead of the springtime festival of Passover. The Catholic Church traditionally cleans the alter on Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, and many undertake a thorough clean of their house during Lent.

Whatever its origins, the traditions seem to have stuck, and many of us do feel the need to undertake a tidy of our homes as the better weather of Spring begins.

Storage facilities, such as our self storage, Leeds, can form a fundamental part of a Spring clean, providing much needed additional space when it feels like there’s never enough!

So, we’ve pulled together our top tips for a really effective spring clear-out:


  1. Take it room by room. Don’t be tempted to try and do everything at once. If you start one room then get distracted and begin another, it will soon become overwhelming. Do one room and stick with it until it’s done.
  2. Decluttering is good for the soul. Take a deep breath and really think about what you do and don’t need. Create piles for the bin, piles to keep and piles for recycling (either through friends and family, selling or charity donations).
  3. Be ruthless. We all collect much more ‘stuff’ than we need. If you’re not sure whether you want to keep something you can always consider a trial separation via a self storage facility, such as our self storage, York Road, Leeds. If you don’t need to retrieve it after a few months, you can probably do without it!
  4. Get everyone involved. Family members of all ages can have a role to play.
  5. Download a tick-list of jobs. There’s lots of lists available on the internet of Spring cleaning jobs which might need doing. Find one that best suits your home and have the added satisfaction of ticking jobs off as they’re completed.
  6. Think seasonally. You don’t need to have all your belongings at hand all of the time – think Christmas trees, heavy winter bedding or holiday clothes. Often we have lots of things that we need occasionally but not regularly. Consider every season going through items and rotating them – put them far out of reach in the loft to clear space, or consider using self storage.
  7. Tackle the fridge and cupboards. It’s easy to accumulate jars and jars of open pickles, chutneys, dressings and jams taking up space in your fridge. Go through and use up any with only a little remaining and bin the ones which are inevitably out of date! Similarly with cupboards, reorganise to use those things which have been gathering dust – or if they’re not inspiring you and still in date, consider donating them to a food bank.
  8. Remember to clean top to bottom. There’s no point dusting after you vacuum – or you’ll just end up needing to do it again!
  9. Go for quality storage solutions. If you want to hide more things away, go for good quality storage solutions that you don’t mind having in your home. Make best use of every space, such as behind doors, under stairs and under beds. If you’re storing things in lofts, garages or self storage, make sure you use good quality boxes which won’t break or weaken. You can look at our great quality McCarthy’s boxes
  10. Don’t forget paperwork. It can easily pile up, even in these digital days. Go through and sort out what you need to keep and what you don’t. File the important stuff so it’s easy to find, and make sure you’re shredding anything which you don’t need to keep.
  11. Open windows. Make sure you get lots of air circulating to freshen everything up. It might reveal some windows which need a clean too!
  12. Think about habits you can introduce to minimise the ‘big clean’. As you’re tackling a Spring clean it can become clear that there are certain areas which require more sorting. What can you do to reduce that going forward? Is it introducing a new system, or asking someone in the family to take it on as a weekly or monthly chore?
  13. Be realistic. Spring cleaning can take a long time. Be realistic about how long it will take so you don’t feel disheartened and give up if after a few hours you don’t seem to have got very far!
  14. Have some rewards lined up. But you only get them once you complete certain tasks! You’ll deserve them!


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