Your student years can often feel slightly chaotic. Moving from home to halls, from halls to rented houses, shoe-horning your belongings into tiny rooms and shared spaces. While for some people, this lifestyle might be all part of the experience, most of us need a bit of order in our lives, and sometimes it comes down to something as simple as storage.

Savvy student storage hacks and clever thinking can make life easier, it’s a simple as that. So, here are some clever storage tips to help you get organised.

Strategic packing

The average student might have a computer, a couple of suitcases full of clothes, towels and bedding and a shelf full of heavy textbooks. If you’re in a student rental house in Leeds then you can add in some basic furniture and some pots and pans for cooking, plus all the other paraphernalia that students acquire (traffic cones / a wardrobe full of dressing up clothes).

Try organising yourself a capsule wardrobe based around some key pieces – maybe jeans, a jacket, and something smarter for going out. Then add in a few items of clothing to stretch out as many different combinations as possible. Packing seasonally is a good way to cut down your stuff too. If you start university in October then you’ll be needing your winter stuff, so leave your summer clothes at home until the Easter term.

Vacuum packs

Squeeze a huge bag down to a flattened, and infinitely more storable size with a hoover and a vacuum bag. It’s like magic. It’s a great way to store spare towels and bed linen and any bulky clothes that you have finished with. Plus, they stack under a bed easily, so it makes great use of space.


Lots of students opt for courses that offer the chance to take a semester abroad, or maybe you plan to head off somewhere hot for the long summer holiday. Being so free and mobile can be fun, but lugging all your things with you each time you move is definitely not, which is why holiday storage for students is a great idea.

At McCarthy’s we have tailor-made cheap student storage in Leeds, and our local, secure facilities mean that you can stash your stuff securely for however long your latest adventure takes. Student storage starts from just £6 a month, and if you find some friends to share the space you can make it even cheaper. Our terms are flexible, and we only charge you up to the day you move out, so you won’t pay for time you don’t need.

Be a savvy interior designer

The chances are that your student bedroom will be on the small side, you might even opt to share a room. Keeping your things organised is the best way to create a sense of space and calm. Think of areas in your room which might be dead space, under the bed for example, and make use of them. You could buy some specific under the bed storage boxes or use suitcases. If there’s some spare wall space, try hanging some baskets on hooks – it’s perfect for things like shoes or toiletries. Simple plastic stacking boxes are also an easy way to keep things neat and tidy.

For more information about student storage in Leeds or at any of our other facilities, visit our website or give us a call on 0113 262 6500