Choosing to live in a cosmopolitan city like York or Leeds has many benefits, offering you a variety of restaurants, good transport links, access to large events, independent stores, and an all-round great social scene. These cities are also very beautiful, steeped in history with some amazing architecture and many modern attractions too.

However, when you opt for city living, this quite often means a compromise on space. For city and townhouse dwellers, here are some handy storage solution ideas:

Use shelving & wall space

Well thought out shelving can help you to utilise every inch of space available and transform your home into a stylish yet minimalist place to live.

An alcove is a natural storage area in itself. Adding shelves here can transform this space into a home for books, ornaments, photographs, the TV or even a little home-office. All you need is a plan and a spot of DIY!

Another great place to add shelves is actually under a window. Create a bench with a cupboard below and shelving inside and use this precious piece of wall space to store away toys and games or even shoes.

Don’t forget that freestanding bookshelves are just as good as built-in shelves. If you can find one that fits your wall space, you have a ready-made transformation right there.

 Create under-stair space 

The space under the stairs can be invaluable when you are short on room. If there’s not already a plug socket in-situ, with the help of an electrician, you could easily hide a washing machine or tumble drier under the stairs and make this a designated laundry space. Alternatively, you could build shelves and turn this area into a well-organised pantry or general storage cupboard. Adding clips and hooks to the inside of the door is another great way to free up space and store cleaning equipment, mops and brushes.

You could even keep this space under the stairs open, and make a beautiful feature wall of shelves with carefully placed books and ornaments. Alternatively, you could create an attractive seating area below the staircase, with space for organising and storing items underneath a bespoke bench, built to size.

Maximise garage space 

It is well known that garages can quite naturally become a place to dump anything and everything. With so much bulky garden and home equipment and nowhere to store it, it is easy to see how this happens. However, there is a solution to help you get organised – wall space! Utilising your wall space will make the garage floor as functional and clutter free as possible – making plenty of room to park cars. Invest in a wall mounted shelving system, adding bike racks and hooks so you can lift and store equipment off the ground.

Find flexible self-storage 

Self-storage is a great way to free up some space in your home. You might need to store things away while you renovate, or if your property is going on the market, it might be an idea to de-clutter before the viewings take place. Perhaps you are between homes and you need to store some items before you move again.

Here at McCarthy’s Storage World, we offer flexible self-storage throughout Yorkshire in units of all sizes – ranging from a small-lockers to units the size of a tennis court. Whether you are moving home, de-cluttering or just need some extra storage for sports equipment – finding extra storage in York, Leeds and the surrounding areas couldn’t be easier.

Our friendly, experienced staff are available to help you, with lots of helpful tips and advice for getting the best out of your self-storage space. So, get in touch and we will be happy to give you a quote.