As the new academic term shortly begins, thousands of students are planning their journey to university and into their student accommodation. And, although these are exciting times, there is also lots of planning and organising involved to make everything fall into place.

If you have already found your student accommodation, then it’s worth considering what you might need to take with you when you move in.

If you want to keep your student room tidy, neat, and clutter-free then planning your storage space is crucial!

In this guide, we offer some helpful tips and advice about ways to save space in your university room and create a functional and cosy space to live.

Limit clutter

A cluttered room is nobody’s friend! It has the potential to cause stress and anxiety as you struggle to find space to breathe and relax in. Far better to have a room that is minimal, clean and clutter-free. It will help you study better, chill better and even sleep better.

Therefore, when deciding what to take along with you to university, it’s best to be as selective as possible! Choose only the items that you can’t live without and leave everything else at home. Photos, trophies, ornaments and home accessories are all lovely, but choose your favourites and leave the rest in storage.

Use over-door hooks

When floor space is at a premium, it’s wise to make better use of vertical space in your room. Therefore, using wall and door space effectively is a great idea for student rooms. While we certainly wouldn’t recommend you screwing shelves and hooks into the walls of your rented student accommodation – what we do recommend is using over-door hangers.

Hook-boards are designed to slip over a door (or any other thin surface such as the side of a shelving unit or even a bedframe) and provide space to hang or store your things. You could use hooks to hang your rucksack, dressing gown or jacket. Or, you could hang a storage organiser to house your stationery, underwear or sportswear. We’d especially recommend getting one of these for your bathroom door, so you’ve somewhere useful to store those daily essentials and toiletries.

Choose a capsule wardrobe

One of the tricks to a clutter-free student room starts with creating a capsule wardrobe for your university days. This consists of a small collection of clothing items that complement each other perfectly, which you can mix and match each day.

Choosing a capsule wardrobe for each term means that you won’t have to take multiple shoes and underwear choices to match each outfit, as everything is planned to coordinate with each other. Therefore, your wardrobe won’t be stuffed, and it also makes doing the laundry much easier too as similar colours and fabrics can be washed together.

Invest in a laundry basket

On the topic of laundry, investing in a laundry basket is key for your student room. You don’t want dirty clothes to take up floor space or wardrobe space, so find a basket to keep everything together until you get chance to go to the laundrette.

There are many different types available to buy, and relatively cheaply, however, a tall and narrow one will slip seamlessly into a corner or behind a door without taking up too much space in your room.  Otherwise, a low and wide option could slide into the bottom of your wardrobe or beside your bed.

Take advantage of under-bed storage

Storing bulky items like towels, bed linen and sleepwear prove tricky in a small space. That’s why many beds now come with storage underneath the mattress. This way, certain items are out of sight, but easily accessible when you need them.

If your bed doesn’t come with drawers or storage already, but has a space underneath it, you can buy storage bags or boxes to slide under it. Shop around Amazon or Ikea for thrifty options, which will make all the difference in your room.

Find a local self-storage unit nearby

Occasionally, despite all your efforts to create extra storage in your student room, you just don’t have enough to store all your things.


Perhaps you have bulky sports equipment, camping gear or out-of-season clothes that you can’t leave anywhere else. If this is the case, then finding a self-storage unit close to your student home could offer the perfect solution.

Self-storage is also useful as a student if you want a place to leave your belongings over the holidays with complete peace of mind that they are safe and secure.

Here at McCarthy’s we have student storage units close to the universities and colleges of Leeds, York, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Harrogate. From as little as £6 per week, you could find a storage unit to suit you. Or why not club together with a few friends and get a slightly larger unit to share?

Give us a call today to find a solution to all your student storage issues.

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