Student accommodation isn’t exactly known for its generous square footage. And of course, there’s so many things you’ll want to have with you. Therefore, it’s inevitable you’ll end up feeling a little cramped at some point in your student life.

Or perhaps you’re taking a year out and are looking for some student storage near Leeds University to keep your stuff in while you’re away?

Either way, from dedicated storage units to multi-tasking furniture, here we look at ways to help you create more space for your things, whatever your budget.

 Make the most of your walls

Even smaller rooms will probably have a bit of spare wall space you can utilise by putting up a shelf. The space above a door is great for towels or reference books, for example.

If your tenancy agreement doesn’t allow you to put up shelving, freestanding ladder shelves are a cheapish option that can fit into smaller spaces, giving you a bit more room to store your books, toiletries and stationery.

Rather than taking up valuable wardrobe real estate with bulky coats, add adhesive or over the door hooks to hang them on your bedroom door.

Invest in some student storage

Whether you’re taking a gap year or clearing out from halls for the summer, having to lug all your possessions back home with you is a headache you could do without.

Why not consider renting a storage unit? From your desk chair and decks to your TV and console, you’ll be amazed at how much you can fit into one of our units. And with student storage near York University, Leeds and Huddersfield starting from as little as £6 a week, it won’t make a big dent in your budget. You could even share the space with a friend and split the cost.

Look under the bed

If you have a freestanding bed, then invest in some large shallow boxes that you can stash underneath and use to keep blankets, bedding and towels.

Bed too low to the ground? Snap up some cheap bed risers which will give you some extra inches to store your stuff under.

Invest in multitasking furniture

Ottoman-style benches that can store sheets, towels and jumpers; desks with shelving or drawers incorporated; or chair-cum-bedside tables — scour the web and the homes sections of your favourite stores to find two-for-one items that will offer you extra space.

Make more room in your wardrobe

By adding an additional rail beneath your existing one you’ll instantly double your hanging space. Or use hooks to attach hangers below one another as another quick way to give you more space to store your clothes.

Vacuum bags can be used to keep your winter or summer wardrobe under the bed until it’s time for you to wear it again.

Plus, why not buy a cheap coat stand to stash in the corner of a room to house your jackets, coats, scarves and hats?

Have a regular declutter

Clutter builds up quickly without us realising. Try to have a clear out every month (or more frequently) to identify the things that you no longer want or use. Donate to your local charity shop or try selling on eBay or Depop to make a bit of extra cash.

Whether you’re looking for student storage near the University of Huddersfield, York or Leeds, we’ve got Yorkshire covered. Simply get in touch with us for a quote.