There’s something about summer that makes people want to declutter. The need for bulky coats and blankets has passed, and simple, fresh and organised spaces feel much more in keeping with the care-free attitude of the season. So, what are your options?

Get rid of the winter stuff

Winter clothes are naturally much bulkier than summer ones, so packing them up makes a lot of sense. If you have the space, you could use vacuum bags to store your heavy knits and thermals – once you have used your vacuum to suck the air out of them they can be put away and out of sight. Winter boots, cold-weather duvets and ski jackets don’t squash down so easily though, so a hand option is local self-storage. Our clean, dry and CCTV-monitored units are perfect for storing the seasonal overspill from your home, and we have spaces starting from as small as a locker and rooms that are the size of a single wardrobe. Just be sure to pack your items away neatly in sturdy moving boxes so they keep safe and tidy in storage.

Think about what you really need

If you opt for some seasonal self-storage, you may as well take full advantage of it, so have a good look around your house and garage and think about what you really need. Winter sports equipment? Probably not. Extra duvets and blankets? No – they can go too. Some people even store the hardtops from their cars that they won’t be needing over the summer. Freeing up space in your home can make life feel a lot more organised, and if there is a cold spell, our storage is completely flexible, so you can come and pickup whatever you need.

Use your garden

Gardens can feel like desolate places over the winter, but come summer, it’s like having a whole extra room in your home, so make the most of it. Garden storage boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but plenty of it is large enough to hold things like ski boots or small sledges. Some garden benches come with disguised storage underneath, while adding mezzanine shelves to sheds or garages can work wonders for storing bigger items like tents and camping gear.

Make the most of your dead spaces

Getting fitted storage in your home can be expensive, but it is always worth the investment. Whether it’s a cupboard under the stairs, eaves storage or cupboards in your alcoves, built in furniture can look really smart and give you a world of storage space. On a smaller scale, you can also find plenty of storage for the little bits (often the things that can make a home feel cluttered) by using baskets and hooks. Make a feature of it by hanging baskets in a neat row near to your front door. It’s the perfect place to put sun cream, flip flops and sun hats so they are ready to grab as you’re running out the house. Otherwise, hide them away on the backs of doors.

For more advice about home storage hacks or to get a quote for our Leeds self-storage units, have a browse of our website.