Having offered self storage in Leeds for some years now, we reckon we’ve become pretty good at estimating what size storage unit someone needs.

But we appreciate not everyone spends all day every day observing what contents people are moving into their storage unit to gain that special insight!

So, if you’re looking for storage, Leeds, or elsewhere for that matter, roughly what size storage unit might you need?

If you’re emptying a small to media sized car (just once – not multiple trips!) you’ll probably need a 16 sq ft to 20 sq ft unit.

If you’re looking to store the contents of a shed you’ll probably want nearer to 25 sq ft.

For a small garage-worth, or the contents of a small van, go nearer to 35 sq ft.

If you’re emptying an entire room – say a bedroom, to renovate or undertake DIY – you’d probably be safest going for 50 sq ft with the need to store sizable furniture, as well as boxes.

A full transit van will probably see you needing 60 sq ft.

A larger (medium) sized van, which could house around 150 average sized boxes, would require around 75 sq ft.

If you need to store the full contents of a two bedroom home, the equivalent of a large truck, go for 100 sq ft.

A three bedroom flat might be nearer 125 sq ft and a three bedroom house 150 sq ft.

If you were full unloading a jam-packed double garage, or the contents of a large three to small four bedroom home, 175 – 200 sq ft would be the order of the day. You’d likely need a removal van to manage the transportation. (we know just the Leeds removal firm…)

Once we get to five bedroom homes, we’re looking at 250-325 sq ft.

A six bedroom home would likely be somewhere between 400 sq ft and 550 sq ft.

But we don’t stop there in terms of the size of unit. We appreciate some businesses and individuals need more space. So, we go up to a staggering 1,750 sq ft, which is big enough to store over 4,000 boxes – although to be fair we could go even bigger if needed!

If you’re looking to us for advice when it comes to storage unit sizing, the first suggestion we’d give is to be honest. Many people play down how much they’re storing in a bid to save money – but it’s going to cause more hassle for you in the long run if you find out you can’t safely get everything you need into your unit!

The second piece of advice would be to pack wisely. Use good quality packing materials (we can help with that – see McCarthy Boxes) and label everything clearly.

The third piece of advice would be to pre-plan how you’re going to use your storage unit. Will you need to access things? If so, make sure you leave room for a path or put items near the front which you’re most likely to need. Would shelving help?

If you’re looking for self storage we’re always happy to help. Come in and have a chat at our self storage, York Road, Leeds or give us a call and we can answer any questions you might have.