With the property market so buoyant currently and homes selling in record quick time, it can be a tricky thing managing the property chain.

After all – unless you’re a first-time buyer or a cash buyer, you likely need to sell your home before a vendor will properly accept an offer from you on the property you want. So, if you’ve a home to sell, that’s usually the first priority. You don’t want to spot the house of your dreams and then see it sold to someone else as you weren’t in a position to make a serious offer.

But selling your home first can come with its own problems. Especially in such a competitive property market – estate agents have the lowest stock levels on record since 2008, when such a record was begun. There’s 36 per cent fewer properties for sale now than there was at the start of 2020.

So, there is a very real possibility you might sell your home and then not immediately find anything you want to buy yourselves.

As a provider of storage in Leeds, that’s a situation many of our customers find themselves in. In fact, some make a conscious decision to sell before they buy, so they become chain-free buyers, which is more appealing to a vendor. But logistically, how does that work?

With the help of storage!

We help many of our customers to manage that situation – either through our Leeds self storage centre, or through our container storage in Leeds.

Some sellers prefer to move a lot of their furniture and belongings into self storage over a period of days or even weeks. Once the property sale is complete, they then move into temporary rented accommodation or with family or friends – without the burden of also having to find somewhere to fit all their stuff!

Our self storage, Leeds, is easily accessible with plenty of free parking. We can offer units of all shapes and sizes to meet your requirements. There’s lifts and equipment to help you move your belongings safely into your unit. Only you hold the key to your individual unit and entry to the building is via a unique pin code. We have security measures in place to keep your items safe and sound and you are free to come and go as you please to access your unit, or to drop things off. We can even help with McCarthy’s boxes, bubble wrap and all kinds of packaging materials to help you safely store your items.

Other people prefer make use of our container storage. We can help you move your items as you would on a usual home removal. They’re loaded into a removal van containing special containers, and then instead of being taken directly to a new house, the containers are sealed and taken to our secure storage centre. They then remain there, safely sealed, until you’re ready to have them redelivered to you at a later date.

So, if you think the completion dates in your property chain may not tie in, don’t worry. If you’re looking for storage near Leeds, we can definitely help!