Storage…you can never have enough of it. Most of us are probably slightly obsessed by it. There was a reason Ikea’s Kallax units were selling for ridiculous prices when the shops were forced to close in lockdown – and that the queues were hundreds of people long the day Ikea reopened.

Is it that we have more stuff now than ever before, or less space to put it? Probably a bit of both. To be fair, a recent survey by Zoopla revealed that most Brits don’t know the square footage of their homes – which isn’t really surprising. Apparently the average is 991 sq ft, if you’re interested!

Certainly some reports seem to suggest that the average house size has decreased by around 24% between the 1960s and 2018. Anyone who has been in a Victorian property with its high ceilings and generous room sizes, compared to some modern new build estates, will probably agree that houses seem smaller.

And we undoubtedly own more than say our great-grandparents did. From fast fashion to gadgets galore, we’ve more ‘stuff’ we need to find space for.

There’s no wonder, with our storage obsession, that a number of programmes and social media influencers have sprung up around the topic. From the super popular The Home Edit (which even has celebrities like Reece Witherspoon and Khloe Kardashian inviting Clea and Joanna to come and help them organise their stuff) to influencers like The Minimalists or The Minimalist Mom, we can’t get enough of finding the perfect way to neatly store our precious belongings. Of course, all of them recommend only keeping the things which you really need or bring you joy (Marie Kondo style) – no point storing things you’re never going to look at!

But storage solutions are something which we are pretty experienced in – and we’re here to help. Self Storage can be extremely useful for people in all kinds of situations who need some extra space. Let’s face it, all the Ikea storage solutions in the world aren’t going to solve the problem if you haven’t got enough room for it in your home in the first place!

Perhaps you’ve converted your garage or loft, or you’ve had to make space for a home office. Maybe you’re running a business from home and there’s no room for stock (if you also want to be able to eat at your dining room table). Perhaps you’ve taken up a new hobby with sizeable equipment needs, or you’ve got a sideline of doing up furniture or visiting car boot sales looking for bargains. Maybe you’re helping a family member declutter, or you’re downsizing and need somewhere to keep things safe while you figure out what next. Or perhaps you’re a student looking for somewhere to store items in between student properties.

Whatever your reason, all we really need to know is how much space you need (and we can help you figure that out). We have storage units in York, storage units in Leeds, storage units in Wakefield, storage units in Huddersfield and storage units in Harrogate. All have state of the art security and only you have access to your unit. There’s no long or complicated contracts and you only need pay for the time you want the storage for. You’re free to come and go as you like, as often as you like, and there’s ample free parking at each site. There are also lifts and trolleys to help you get your items safely from vehicle to storage unit.

So, if your obsession with storage is on a level with ours, why not get in touch and see what storage solutions we might be able to help with?