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How to find good short-term storage

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You might need short-term storage for any number of reasons – maybe you’ve got people coming to visit for a few days and you need to free up some space. Maybe you’re moving house or going travelling for a while. Or perhaps you’ve just outgrown the storage that your home has to offer. Whatever your reason, there are some important things to consider when you are looking for a place to keep your things safely. This is our guide to your short-term storage options and how to find short-term storage that works for you.

Find a good location

Your storage unit needs to be easy to get to, when you need it, because the chances are that you will have to dip in and out of it sometimes. Free Car parking, transport links and travel time should all be part of the decision-making process. As well as that, your unit needs to be clean, dry, safe, and secure. Choose a company that prides itself on a professional reputation, where the units are spotless and dry and ideally, there is CCTV in use.

Compare costs

Costs can vary a lot according to the size of your unit, the state it is in, and how secure it is – make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money. All of our units are monitored by state-of-the-art 24/7 CCTV, all of our units are individually locked to which only you hold the key or combination, so you have access to your things 7 days a week.

Look at the options

When you are considering your short-term storage options it can be tempting to go for the cheapest possible route – a friend’s garage for example, or your parents’ loft. Often these can work really well, but it is important to spend some time thinking about what you are storing and how safe, dry, or humid the environment might be. Our units are clean, dry, safe and secure, which means that we look after your things really well, and you know that when you get them back, they will be in the same state that you left them.

Consider what space you need

Our units range from the size of a phone box to the size of a double garage and all that is in between. The best way to work out the size unit that you need is to count your boxes and talk it through with one of our team who are experts in working out the perfect sized unit for you. You should store your things safely, without stacking them too high, and leaving enough space for a pathway through – so if ever you need to grab something from the box at the back, you have easy access.

Think about a timeframe

You might have a timeframe in mind for your storage, but that can sometimes go awry. Choose a self-storage option that is flexible on timing so that you have the freedom to use it as you need, without any last-minute panic.

For more information about our self-storage units, browse our storage in Leeds page or give us a call on 0113 2626500.

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