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How to have a minimalist home with the help of storage

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The minimalist trend isn’t showing any signs of decreasing in popularity. Back in 2019, almost half of people surveyed said minimalist was their preferred style of interiors – and if anything we suspect that’s increased slightly post-Covid, when we all spent so much time at home.

And it’s easy to see why it’s popular. Keeping a home decluttered gives you more space and light and creates a certain sense of peace and tranquillity. Clutter can absolutely send you to distraction and create stress – not to mention making things like cleaning so much more difficult. It seems less really is more.

Of course there are different levels of minimalist. There’s the neutral deco, no decorative items at all kind of minimalist and then there’s the decluttered but still homely and personalised kind of look. Obviously you’ve got to find a happy medium which works for you – this is your home after all. Whatever your plans for a minimalist look, self storage can help!

Here are our top tips for a more minimalist home:

  • The difference between want and need – of course it sounds very simple, but how often do we look at our belongings and think about whether they’re something we want or we need? And of course no one is going to force you to get rid of things you want but don’t need – but the exercise of looking at what you have more closely might help you realise you’re not as bothered about certain items as you thought.
  • Get rid of the ‘just in case’ – we all have them. Those items we keep because we might need them one day. It could be the two spare tin openers or colanders. It could be the clothes we haven’t fit into for five years. It could be the paperwork you’re not really sure whether you need to keep. Be tough with yourself. If you don’t really need it, donate it, sell it or bin it.
  • Take things slowly – we’ve probably all done a spot of decluttering and got rid of something we later regretted. There is no time frame on this, you can go at your own pace. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a box for ‘undecided’ items that you come back to. Self storage can also be a big help here. Maybe there are items you’re really unsure about. Why not get them out of the house and into self storage? If in six months you really don’t miss them, you may feel ready to say farewell then. Looking for storage, Leeds?
  • Do a room at a time – it’s easier not to get overwhelmed if you tackle a room at a time. Things will get even messier for a while, so that also helps keep things more contained. It makes sense to tackle the easiest rooms first – you’ll feel a sense of achievement once they’re done, which will spur you on.
  • Are there things you want to keep – just not in your home? – this is another time when self storage can come into its own. Perhaps it’s a family heirloom you want to keep, but not have on display. Perhaps its memory boxes you don’t want to part with, but have no need of day to day. Or even for seasonal items like summer clothes in winter and Christmas decorations away from December. Use a storage facility, like our self storage, Leeds, and gain access when you need to, without having to find a place for them to live at home permanently. Keep an inventory of items so you know where everything is. You’re trying to make your life easier, not more difficult!
  • Get more organised with your storage – there are storage solutions for every shape and size space! Whether it’s under the stairs, in the garage, behind doors, inside cupboards – you’ll be able to find storage solutions to help keep your home more organised. If you’re using self storage, make sure things are packaged safely. We can help provide high quality McCarthy boxes and other packing materials.
  • Let other people know – you’re going to need to get anyone you live with on board with your plans or it will be a constant battle! Also, if your extended family or friends are likely to bring you items for your home or to go overboard when gifting, you might want to let them know what you’re trying to achieve so they adapt accordingly.
  • Keep it up! – the trick with minimalising is not to think it’s a one off process. Once the initial declutter is done, be sure to keep on top of it. ‘One in one out’ is the rule some people stick to. Just make sure you keep a regular check on things and it shouldn’t take too much time. If you have used self storage, keep up to that too – do checks every now and then to see if there are items you’re now willing to part with.

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