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Pack like a pro: Top tips for preparing your things for storage

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If you’re moving house or heading off on an exciting adventure, then packing up your things is an inevitable part of the journey. You might not love the process, but it is always worth putting in the time and effort to do it properly, especially if it’s all going into storage for a while.

So, if you’re wondering how best to pack when putting your things into storage then read on, because we have some pro packing tips for you

Have a good de-clutter to get rid of unwanted items

Packing up your things can feel really cathartic. Take the opportunity to get rid of any unwanted items and anything you’ve not used for a while (or even forgot you had). Somethings you can sell online, while others you can give away for free or take them to your local recycling centre. What you are left with are all the things that are useful or that bring you joy. And, now you can start packing.

Clean before you store

It’s important to give everything a good clean before you pack it away for storage, and make sure that you dry it properly. Dirt and mess can grow mould over time, so you’ll thank yourself for giving your things that extra care before they are packed away.

Stock up on packing supplies

Throwing your things into bin bags is never the best way to store them – it’s always worth putting in a bit of extra effort and planning. Strong, reliable boxes (like the ones we sell in our online store) will keep your precious things well protected, while packing paper and bubble wrap give some extra protection against bumps and knocks. It also pays to think about damp and mould too. Adding some desiccator sachets to your boxes and ensuring that your items are properly clean and dry before they get packed will help with this.

Use dust covers to protect your items

Sofas, mattresses, and chairs are all susceptible to collecting dust and dirt over time. Therefore, when it comes to packing them up for storage, we would really recommend using one of our dust covers to ensure they come out of storage in exactly the same condition that they left in. Although our storage units are clean and tidy, we can’t stop dust from accumulating on your items and also when you move your items in a van or lorry, these are likely to have dirty floors too.  Keep outdoor items separate from indoor items by covering things such as gardening tools and lawnmowers with a dust sheet or using the chair covers as big bags to cover them totally.

Shrink wrap to keep items intact!

Packing pros know that one roll of shrink wrap can make a whole world of difference when it comes to preparing items for storage. Shrink wrapping any items that have opening parts such as fridges, bedside tables, and chests of drawers will stop doors opening in transit and causing damage. It also stops drawers either falling out when you pick them up, or indeed from sliding into your shins as you carry them! Shrink wrapping is also a great idea when you are dismantling furniture for storage as you can keep all the big parts together in one bundle, making it easier for you to locate them and put them back together again when needed.

Organise your items and label every box

Remember that at some point you will have to unpack your boxes, or quickly find something that you need, so be kind to your future self and label and theme your boxes with care. You could number your boxes and make an inventory or list the contents on the side of each box. It might feel like it’s taking lots of extra time, but it’s all valuable minutes that you will get back on the other side.

Pack delicate items with extra care

Delicates come in various forms – it might be the precious fabrics of your favourite clothes, or China, mirrors, and artwork. They all need to be packed with extra care. Use packing paper, pad the sides of you box with any pillows or beddings, and wrap each item individually. And remember to label these boxes as delicate so you handle them even more carefully when you move them around.

Don’t overload your boxes

You’re likely to have to carry your boxes at some point, so keep them to a weight that you can manage. Spread out heavy items like books across a few boxes and leave yourself a bit of room at the top in case they get stacked.

Disassemble your furniture

If you are using your self-storage unit for furniture then think about how it might be arranged in there. Some items like wardrobes or bookshelves can be dismantled to make the best use of space, just make sure that you keep any screws, allen keys and bolts together – you could put them into sandwich bag and tape the bag to the item they belong to (this is a great pro trick). Use some clean, dry dust sheets to drape over it all too.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable self-storage unit in Leeds, then get in touch with McCarthys Storage World for a quote. We have a storage solution for everyone.

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