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Protecting your stored items from damp and mould

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We all know the feeling of unpacking something we thought had been keeping safe, only to find out it is now covered in mould. Whether it’s at the back of your wardrobe or an item tucked away in a box, those little brown spots can get in and quickly take hold.

Luckily, however, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid damp and mould from reaching your belongings. Read on for our anti-damp and mould tips…

Make sure everything is dry

If you are packing something away for a while, then it absolutely has to be 100 per cent dry – even the slightest hint of moisture can be a feasting ground for mould. It’s important to wash any duvets, coats, or clothes before they are put away, and giving them a tumble dry and an air is a great way to get rid of any last bits of moisture.

To make sure that your items are kept moisture free you could include some desiccators in the storage box. The most common ones are silica gel packs that come with new bags or clothes, but you might find some natural desiccators in your kitchen cupboards – salt, rice and even cat litter (unused obviously) kept in a breathable cotton bag can do the trick.

Choose the right place to store

Not all storage places are created equal. That under-stairs cupboard where you squirrel everything away might seem like a good idea at first, but those deep, dark corners don’t get a lot of air circulating, and if you are also keeping shoes and bags in there, they can bring in some unwelcome damp. The same goes for the back of your wardrobe, or anywhere tucked up against an exterior wall that might be a bit damp or cold. Look for a place that had good air flow, and that is ideally off the floor. Don’t stack things too tightly together and give those walls an inch or two of breathing space.

Our self-storage units are designed to keep your items safe, dry and mould free. We monitor the temperature and humidity levels of our units and have purpose-built shelving that gives each box its own space, with the air flow it needs. It’s actually not as expensive as you might think either. Our units start from £6 a month, and they are completely secure under our 24/7 CCTV.

Pack things carefully

Plastic covers have their uses but when it comes to storing fabric items like duvets or clothing it is important to use packing materials that allow them to breathe a bit. Cotton, paper, and cardboard all enable a bit of airflow and don’t trap moisture. If you have plastic boxes that you want to use then choose lidded ones and remember to add those desiccators.

Be careful with books too. Use an acid-free cardboard box and if you have a spare blanket or cloth it is helpful to lay along the bottom to help keep them cushioned and protected.

Browse our website for more information on our local Leeds self-storage units and to get a quote for your storage needs.

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