How to have a minimalist home with the help of storage

The minimalist trend isn’t showing any signs of decreasing in popularity. Back in 2019, almost half of people surveyed said minimalist was their preferred style of interiors – and if anything we suspect that’s increased slightly post-Covid, when we all spent so much time at home. And it’s easy to see why it’s popular. Keeping a home […]

How to find good short-term storage

You might need short-term storage for any number of reasons – maybe you’ve got people coming to visit for a few days and you need to free up some space. Maybe you’re moving house or going travelling for a while. Or perhaps you’ve just outgrown the storage that your home has to offer. Whatever your […]

Pack like a pro: Top tips for preparing your things for storage

If you’re moving house or heading off on an exciting adventure, then packing up your things is an inevitable part of the journey. You might not love the process, but it is always worth putting in the time and effort to do it properly, especially if it’s all going into storage for a while. So, […]

How storage can help Lincoln’s businesses boom

Things are tough for businesses right now. The cost of living crisis is hitting everyone hard – businesses and consumers alike. With sky high energy and rent bills and everyone more hesitant to spend, businesses are having to think carefully about how to make every penny work hard for itself. Which is why we’ve got […]

Protecting your stored items from damp and mould

We all know the feeling of unpacking something we thought had been keeping safe, only to find out it is now covered in mould. Whether it’s at the back of your wardrobe or an item tucked away in a box, those little brown spots can get in and quickly take hold. Luckily, however, there are […]

Advice for selling your house and renting before you buy

Perhaps you’ve had an offer that’s too good to refuse, or the house you’re buying has fallen through, but you don’t want to lose your buyer. Moving into rented accommodation after selling your home may not be the conventional way of house hunting, but it does come with advantages. And in a competitive market, it […]

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